Non-food plant live (with no CR)
Tart smelling ashbrush surrounds Silver Springs. (Amber Enchantress 104)
The bark of ashbrush can be used to darken one’s skin. (Amber Enchantress 196)

There are delicate clumps of white brittlebush. (Verdant Passage 121)

Broomgrass / Broompipe
Broomgrass is a silver-green grass. (Amber Enchantress 296)
Broompipe grows in clumps. (Amber Enchantress 320)
Broompipe grows in cones of silver. It grows in verdant areas and is eaten by erdlus. (Amber Enchantress 280)

(Verdant Passage 7)
Burgrass is a narrow-leaved green herbage that is grown as lawns, used as pasture for grazing animals, and cut and dried as hay.

Cane grass
Cane grass has black and gold stalks. (Verdant Passage 57)

Chiffon Tree
Chiffon trees surround an around oasis. (Verdant Passage 57, 70)
Chiffon trees have puffy, yellow crowns and green blossoms with a honey scent. (Crimson Legion 193)
Chiffon trees billowing around an oasis. (Amber Enchantress 256)

Yellow cloudbrush grew on a hillside near Nibenay. (Amber Enchantress 120)

Conifer tree
In the Forest Ridge there are indigo-needled conifers, with red segmented trunks. (Verdant Passage 255)

Fungus - Yellow
Thickets of spongy yellow fungus grew around an oasis. (Amber Enchantress 256)

Silvery fans of goldentip grow in sandstone hills and badlands. (Crimson Legion 52) Apparently only the tips are golden.
(Amber Enchantress 332)

Grass – General
Sword-length blades of grass grew near an oasis. Kanks prefer to eat this grass. (Amber Enchantress 255)

Ground holly
(Verdant Passage 7)
Silvery tuffs of ground holly grow in rocky badlands. (Crimson Legion 155)

Groundstar is pink. (Crimson Legion 140)

Gum Arabic
Gum Arabic is a magical component. (Verdant Passage 47) Gum Arabic comes from the acacia tree. It is edible as a candy. Also used in watercolor paints, as a cosmetic, and an adhesive.

Henna root
Henna root can be used as a red hair dye. (Amber Enchantress 196)

(Verdant Passage 34)

Black kohl is used as eye makeup. (Amber Enchantress 196)

Milkweed grows into a stem. (Amber Enchantress 320)
The milk weed plant has ivory blossoms. It grows in verdant areas and is eaten by erdlus. (Amber Enchantress 280)

Moss grows in the rocky badlands. (Crimson Legion 135)

Moss – Burgundy moss
(Crimson Legion 193)

Myrrh tree
(Amber Enchantress 296)

(Verdant Passage 34)

Rock Holly
Boulder-sized clumps of rock holly grow outside Nibenay. (Amber Enchantress 323)

Rockstem is a leafless, hard-skinned plant that did not grow as much as accumulate in one place over centuries forming fantastic twisted shapes. Those around the Asticles plantation formed waist high formations. It is very brittle and some form coppery fan shapes. (Verdant Passage 231)

Sandgrass is silver. (Amber Enchantress 323)

Sadira uses silverthorn blossoms for perfume. (Amber Enchantress 5)

Smoke bush is golden colored. (Verdant Passage 7).
Also called smoketree. (Verdant Passage 34) Smokebrush is unusual, plume- like, with fruiting panicles.

There are green globes of tumbling spikeballs. (Verdant Passage 121)
Spikeballs that are purple grow in sandstone hills and badlands. (Crimson Legion 52) (Amber Enchantress 332)

Spinifex bushes grow in scrublands tall enough for a halfling to hide in it. (Amber Enchantress 61)

The tamarisk is a bushy tree. (Verdant Passage 7) It is called tamarix in Wikipedia. It is a catclaw trees, spindly like a cactus.

Tarbush grows into barbed thickets of amber. (Crimson Legion 140)

The tall wispy barren stalks of ruby thornstem wave in the wind. (Verdant Passage 121)

Tinchweed smells sweet when cropped. Inix like to graze on it. (Amber Enchantress 60)

Tortoise bush
Tortoise bushes are brown tinged bushes. (Amber Enchantress 296)

Tree – Unknown
In the Forest Ridge were smaller trees with large, white-barked trunks shaped like a ball. From the top of the globes rise a spray of huge fronds covered with heart-shaped leaves. (Verdant Passage 255)

Vines – Unknown
Vines with aromatic blossoms were grown in the Shom emporium in Nibenay. (Amber Enchantress 196)

Whip grass
The sounds of the creaking canes of black-jointed whip grass can be heard at a desert oasis. (Verdant Passage 57)
Apparently another species is golden. (Verdant Passage 70)

Yata buds
The tangy oil of fresh yata buds are use to coat bodies before wrestling. (Amber Enchantress 235)

Zaal tree
Zaal trees have barren trunks and fanlike crowns. They grow around an oasis where their large fronds wave in the breeze. (Crimson Legion 116)

Иипровые деревья. (Yypr tree)
 Это хвойные деревья с твердыми, плоскими иглами, из которых можно заваривать освежающий чай.  Они достигают высоты 50 футов и растут в оазисах одинаково хорошо и в грязевых областях и на песке возле его края. Тот, кто в отдыхая целый день выпьет несколько чашек этого чая, восстановит за день 1 потерянное очко Телосложения (если есть) или 1 дополнительный hp. (Little Knowledge, Scene 15)

метелинок (Methelinoc)
 крайне ядовитое растение, встречающееся только в Звенящих Горах. Поскольку оно не действует на эльфов и канков, эльфийские племена иногда используют ее, чтобы помешать чужакам красть их воду. (Little Knowledge, Scene 15)